Manic Monday

Let’s hope anyway…

Food Stuffs:

Saturday, I made Brioche Bread from the Hell’s Kitchen cookbook.  It was heavenly.  There’s nothing like bread right out of the oven, in all it’s buttery goodness!

Sunday morning, we attempted to make the Bread Pudding recipe from the same cookbook.  I think the best thing in there for you were the dried cherries (supposed to be currants).  Heavy cream, whole milk, butter, sugar, eggs… yeah… good for the heart.  🙂

I don’t have any pictures at this time, but will be sure to post the next time we make it!

Craft Stuffs:

The fabric/yarn/sewing machine repair shop in town is doing a kick-off for their annual charity drive. Mom picked up several pieces of fleece from the fabric store and sewed a seam around the edge.  My job is to crochet a border around it.  These are given to newborns at our local hospital.  Pretty sweet.

They are in need of blankets and seem to have enough hats from previous years.  They’re turning out really nicely.  The Hmong families requested bright colors instead of the regular pink and blue, so I got a really odd looking one with fall colors on it.  The yarn I found at the yarn shop was so nice that I’ve decided to make something out of the leftovers.  🙂

Shoulder still kills.  Been popping ibuprofen.  Hope that helps.


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